Tucson Maternity & Newborn Photographer ~ Cherish

<![CDATA[His short bark of surprised laughter rang through the evening air.
It was an unexpected response to a rather simple question.

It all started when I asked them, during their maternity photo session, what they were going to name their baby. McKinley was their answer.

The only McKinleys that I knew were the beautiful and remote mountain in Alaska, and it’s original namesake, the 25th president of the United States, who carries the dubious honor of being one of only four assassinated presidents in American history.

Curious and needing to know more, I begged them for details. I thought that maybe McKinley was an old and beloved family name, of a great grandfather perhaps? Or maybe they were history buffs and had a unlikely passion for tragic politicians? Or perhaps they had loved that frozen mountain towering over Alaska, and wanted it for their own baby’s name?


Well, as it turned out, Cherish, this sweet beautiful mommy-to-be, had come up with the name from a movie. But the truly unexpected part was that it was not just any movie, but a fairly gory, semi-horror/action movie.
Jason hadn’t known the details in this, and discovered at the same time as I did, that the unlikely namesake was reportedly a fictional town in the movie Final Destination 5. A beautiful name culled from a rather grotesque movie. Everyone had a good laugh at this revelation, and in the warm evening light, the atmosphere was playful and joyous.



It was so sweet to see these two young, soon-to-be-parents, so in love and excitedly awaiting the birth of their daughter, McKinley. A warm hug here, a caress on the arm there, a soft whisper and a sweet kiss. As the sunlight filtered through the trees, watching these two together, there could be no doubt of the love and affection that they shared.
The pride in Jason’s smile, as he watched his wife touch their baby through her swollen belly, made it apparent that he could not be more in love nor more excited to have these two women in his life.
As the daylight began to fade, their impromptu snuggles were so heartfelt, I could see how seamlessly their baby girl would fit right into their family. And I knew that they would do their best to be devoted and caring parents when their baby girl made her long-awaited arrival in only a few short months’ time.


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