Tucson Maternity & Newborn Photographer ~ Easton

<![CDATA[Right from the start this couple and I hit it off. We had a great time during their maternity session in the mountains late last summer.  We felt like long lost friends, laughed and chatted about our impending parenthood long past the sun had set and the session had ended.
If it weren’t for our mutual hunger pangs, Jackie & I both being about 8 months pregnant, we might have all stayed and talked even longer. But the day was late, so we went on our separate ways.

Just a short six weeks later Jackie & Jeremy were back in my studio with their sweet little newborn son, Easton. As one of the bigger newborns I’ve photographed at 7+ pounds, he was a happy and content little boy during much of our session.
We had to take a long break in the middle of our session for a feeding to get him back to sleep. And once he was done eating, as most babies do, he had to go to the bathroom. Lucky for me, he has excellent comedic timing, and deposited his gift right on my own hugely round, 9 month pregnant, belly. Quite a hilarious site to behold, I am sure.
Jackie & Jeremy felt terrible. But I laughed, and told them repeatedly that it was no big deal, this is just what babies do during newborn sessions. It is just a fact. Naked newborn baby equals poop & pee getting on the adults and props involved. For this reason I always encourage parents to bring an extra shirt to their newborn session, if they want to ride home in their car in dry clothes.
After he was all cleaned up, here is this cutie pie in all his glory.
And I even loved this photo so much that it has become one of the main header images on my new Threshold website, as of 2015.


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