Tucson Newborn Photographer ~ Violet

<![CDATA[Welcome to the world my little Violet. She is my fifth child, fourth daughter, and last baby. I love pregnancy, newborns and babies, and I could keep having more of them without a second thought. But, as the saying goes…Five Kids is a lot of Kids. So we are done. We are thrilled, happy, and content with the children we have. We have been blessed with our very special son, and our four healthy, amazing daughters. The only thing that I could possibly wish for, as my children continue to grow older, is that I get to perpetually fulfill my baby & newborn fix through all of my amazing clients.
Another luxury of being a newborn photographer & having your own newborn is that you get a chance to try out a ton of setups and take a little bit of time everyday, if you choose. So the first week I laid low, then from days 7-12 I did a short photo shoot almost everyday with different props & backgrounds set up. There were just so many things I wanted to capture, and this was my last chance with a baby of my very own.
And now I have a ton of photos to share of my sweet baby Violet. So here she is, my last tiny princess.
And as luck would have it, she also shares my birthday in late October, so of course I had to include a little bit of Halloween, and even her mermaid costume in some of our photos.
I was certain throughout my pregnancy that our little Violet, was instead going to be a little Graham or Wesley (we hadn’t decided). I was so sure that I had bought a few special blankets and props that I was going to use for our little guy. But when our little girl arrived on the scene as my biggest birthday surprise, I had to rush order a special hat just for her. Being named Violet, it was easy to choose the colors in this one of a kind unique hat made by Mountain Mommy’s Crochet.
The knit items used during this session were crafted by Mountain Mommy’s Crochet.


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