Tucson Baby Photographer ~ Baby U, Baby Session

Baby Session – Baby “U”

Baby “U” was about six weeks old for his baby session in early January 2018. He was so cute & snuggly in his blue teddy bear sweater onesie. This young family couldn’t have been more precious in their interactions with one another. It was as clear as a sunny Tucson day, that they were absolutely smitten with their new little boy & more deeply in love with each other than ever before. Happily embracing their new lives as a family of three. Mr. “U” was a wonderful little baby model. His favorite thing during the session was to be held by his Mommy. He wasn’t so crazy about his Daddy’s scratchy bearded kisses, but he did enjoy flying. He much preferred to have his legs & arms stretched out instead of curled in close, even while asleep. And as much as he enjoyed the snuggles, he loved sleeping on his Momma’s shoulder after a mid-morning snack the most. But his absolute favorite thing, was giving me wide, surprised eyes every single time the shutter clicked. His expressions are just priceless & so reminiscent of my own children from this young age. At less than two months old, they are no longer truly a newborn, but still just before the real social interaction begin to really influence and shape their behavior. When everything is still a surprise, but without any fear & the entire world is full of exciting things that need to be studied & explored, until exhaustion finally overtakes their young minds & they nap for hours. Enjoy Mr. “U”‘s young baby session! Family-baby-boy-portraits-Tucson-photographerFamily-baby-portraits-Tucson-photographerFamily-baby-boy-portraits-Tucson-photographyBaby-family-portraits-photographer-TucsonBaby-family-portraits-Tucson-photographyBaby-family-portraits-Tucson-photographerBaby-family-portraits-photography-TucsonBaby-boy-family-portraits-photography-TucsonBaby-boy-family-portraits-photographer-TucsonBaby-boy-portraits-photography-TucsonBaby-boy-portraits-photographer-Tucson When I view these images I get a serious case of contagious yawning. Do you experience this phenomenon as well?!

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