Tucson Newborn Photographer ~ Juniper – Blush & Emerald Newborn Session

Newborn sessions are such a treasure. These little tiny people, are only this small for a moment. A wee blip in time & then it is gone. They are constantly growing & changing, and while beautiful & amazing, there is something in me that aches to see those other moments disappear. The past slips away & the memories of those first weeks fades. As a newborn photographer, I love being able to preserve those memories in photographs. Those truly newborn details; the barely-there eyelashes, the unbelievably tiny fingers & toes, little tummy rolls & wrinkles, the everywhere baby fuzz, the long scrawny chicken legs, and my favorite – the sleepy newborn smile. It seems that before you even blink, these things are gone & a baby a taken their place. This is why newborn sessions are best if done within the first two weeks after birth. Even that quickly newborn behavior will start to change. Their features will begin to reshape & fill out, and they may no longer enjoy being as curled up as they once were. Wouldn’t you like to freeze time and fully hold onto that moment, the way your baby looked when you first saw & fell so deeply in love with them?

Blush & Emerald Newborn Session – Juniper

This beautiful baby girl traveled across town at two weeks old, to do her newborn portraits with me. She was such a snuggly sweetheart. While she didn’t love being posed in curled up positions & preferring to stay stretched out & awake. For quite awhile, she wanted to stay awake to check me out & explore my studio. Sometimes the awake images will turn out to be my favorites! After a bit of interaction with me & the camera, she was chewing on her hands and got sleepy eyes. So mom gave her a little snack & she drifted off to sleep. Miss Juniper was so sweet! And through excellent teamwork, we were able to create some beautiful artwork together! Isn’t she a beauty?! I love my strawberry blonds! Newborn-session-baby-girl-blush-emerald-Tucson-photographer-familyTucson-newborn-session-baby-girl-emerald-blush-photographerTucson-newborn-photography-session-baby-girl-emerald-blushTucson-newborn-session-baby-girl-emerald-blush-photographyTucson-newborn-photographer-session-baby-girl-emerald-blushNewborn-photography-session-baby-girl-emerald-blush-TucsonNewborn-session-baby-girl-emerald-blush-Tucson-photographer-familyNewborn-session-baby-girl-emerald-blush-Tucson-photographer  

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