Tucson Maternity Photographer ~ Nicole, Studio Maternity Session

I have been really working on expanding my studio maternity offerings this past year. While I enjoy a beautiful outdoor session, I really love the look of high fashion studio maternity images. I love controlling the light to achieve a certain effect, both in high key (bright) and low key (dark) styles. These styles can really only be achieved in a studio setting, with particular off camera lighting equipment & techniques. Earlier this year I purchased the equipment & attended a class that helped me gain these skills…but I needed more practice on real people!

Studio Maternity Session – Nicole

Nicole had already signed up for a newborn session with me, so I encouraged her to come in about six weeks beforehand, for a model call maternity session. Before she arrived, I had no idea what she looked like, so imagine my delight when a 5’11” gorgeous model walked in! Okay, her day job isn’t really modeling (but it could be!). Nicole is one of those amazing ICU nurses at TMC who are not only highly skilled in their profession, but wonderfully caring & compassionate people as well. I think nurses are wonderful, and that their job might just be one of the hardest around. I am certain on some days it is. Nicole was very patient while I practiced many different poses & lighting techniques. And in the end, I don’t think it could have been a more perfect session. We nailed it! This first set of images with the dark or black background would be considered low key. low-key-studio-maternity-session-Tucson-newborn-photographerlow-key-studio-maternity-session-Tucson-newborn-photography These go even further, and are considered rim lighting. They really highlight the natural curves of a pregnant woman’s body. I love this style & find it flattering on almost every body type! low-key-rim-lit-studio-maternity-session-Tucson-newborn-photographer-2 This is my regular one-light + reflector studio lighting that typically I use for most family sessions, newborn sessions & baby sessions. studio-maternity-session-Tucson-newborn-photographer-billowy-fabricstudio-maternity-session-Tucson-newborn-photographer-3 This is high key lighting using two sources of light. One light goes behind the model to give the bright white background & the other is placed to light her face & form. high-key-studio-maternity-session-Tucson-newborn-photography-2high-key-studio-maternity-session-Tucson-newborn-photography-3studio-maternity-session-Tucson-newborn-photography-milk-bath I think these turned out beautifully & Nicole was a wonderful model client for my studio maternity session. And I can’t wait to meet little George & do his newborn pictures in just a few weeks!!

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