Tucson Maternity Photographer ~ Woodard Family, Belly and Baby Plan

Woodard Belly and Baby Plan – Maternity & Newborn Sessions

Studio Maternity Session & Milk Bath – Whitney

Could this Momma be any more gorgeous?! It was such a joy working with Whitney & CJ for their studio maternity session & milk bath as part of their Belly and Baby Plan. I loved sticking to the color palette of purples, golds & whites throughout this session. Consistency in color through choices in clothing, fabric drapes & flowers really makes this gallery pleasing to the eye. We made sure to repeat many of these color choices in baby Charlee’s newborn session as well. I love this image so much. To me it is the picture of a strong confident woman! Tucson-studio-maternity-photography-newborn-photographer-belly-and-baby-plan-5 And this one, with it’s silver coloring & fabric drape, looks like it could be a statue of a goddess somewhere. Tucson-studio-maternity-photography-newborn-photographer-belly-and-baby-plan-2Tucson-studio-maternity-photography-newborn-photographer-belly-and-baby-plan-4 I always love it when I get Dad’s to take off their shirts & participate in the rim lighting portion of the studio session. It really adds some romance & intimacy to the session! CJ took a little cajoling to participate, but we joked that he earned some major points! And I LOVE how the images turned out! Tucson-studio-maternity-photography-newborn-photographer-belly-and-baby-plan-3Tucson-studio-maternity-photography-newborn-photographer-belly-and-baby-plan-9Tucson-studio-maternity-photography-newborn-photographer-belly-and-baby-plan-8Tucson-studio-maternity-photography-newborn-photographer-belly-and-baby-plan-7Tucson-studio-maternity-photography-newborn-photographer-belly-and-baby-plan-6Tucson-studio-maternity-photography-newborn-photographer-belly-and-baby-plan-1Tucson-studio-maternity-photography-newborn-photographer-belly-and-baby-planTucson-studio-maternity-photography-newborn-photographer-belly-and-baby-plan-10Tucson-studio-maternity-photography-newborn-photographer-belly-and-baby-plan-11

Newborn Session – Charlee

I couldn’t have been more excited when I found out that baby Charlee had been born, and we would get to do the second half of the Woodard’s Belly and Baby Plan. And I was right to be excited! Charlee’s newborn session has got to be one of my top favorite newborn sessions ever. She is just a beautiful doll baby, with that thick curly hair, and chubby little cheeks. Plus, it always helps when baby sleeps like a dream & lets me play with all my new ideas and really get in there and perfect each pose! Because of this, there are at least 10 images in this gallery that are at the very top of my all time favorites lists! Prepare for cuteness overload! Enjoy!! Dad was looking to recreate a specific pose from his first daughter’s newborn session. He even brought the same shirt to wear. How sweet it that?! While I did my best to recreate the pose he was looking for, I think that this first kissy image is even step up from what he was looking for! And it has become one of my (many) new favorites!! While CJ was 100% ready & excited to be in the pictures, Whitney surprised me when she arrived & told me that she wasn’t going to be participating. So I told her my experience. After just giving birth, the very last thing I wanted to do is be in pictures…but then in the years after, how I have continued to look back fondly on those first images of me with my new baby. And Whitney changed her mind! She decided to hop in a few pictures…and I am SOO glad she did. They turned out beautifully!! tucson-newborn-photographer-maternity-photography-belly-and-baby-plan-13tucson-newborn-photographer-maternity-photography-belly-and-baby-plan-14tucson-newborn-photographer-maternity-photography-belly-and-baby-plan-17tucson-newborn-photographer-maternity-photography-belly-and-baby-plan-16tucson-newborn-photographer-maternity-photography-belly-and-baby-plan-15tucson-newborn-photographer-maternity-photography-belly-and-baby-plan-19tucson-newborn-photographer-maternity-photography-belly-and-baby-plan-18tucson-newborn-photographer-maternity-photography-belly-and-baby-plan-20tucson-newborn-photographer-maternity-photography-belly-and-baby-plantucson-newborn-photographer-maternity-photography-belly-and-baby-plan-4tucson-newborn-photographer-maternity-photography-belly-and-baby-plan-12tucson-newborn-photographer-maternity-photography-belly-and-baby-plan-11tucson-newborn-photographer-maternity-photography-belly-and-baby-plan-1tucson-newborn-photographer-maternity-photography-belly-and-baby-plan-2tucson-newborn-photographer-maternity-photography-belly-and-baby-plan-3tucson-newborn-photographer-maternity-photography-belly-and-baby-plan-5tucson-newborn-photographer-maternity-photography-belly-and-baby-plan-6tucson-newborn-photographer-maternity-photography-belly-and-baby-plan-7tucson-newborn-photographer-maternity-photography-belly-and-baby-plan-9tucson-newborn-photographer-maternity-photography-belly-and-baby-plan-10tucson-newborn-photographer-maternity-photography-belly-and-baby-plan-8  

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