Tucson Newborn Photographer ~ George, Blue & Grey Newborn Session

Grey & Blue Newborn Session – George

You might recall my maternity model call from this past spring. Nicole was a participant in that model call & she did an amazing job. Click here to see her maternity images. As you might expect, her newborn session did not disappoint either. Her family could not be more beautiful & the family images are some of my very favorite family & parent/newborn poses yet! Their home is newly remodeled in a more sleek & modern style, so to remain consistent, we chose a fairly neutral color palette, with a lot of grey tones. Greys (grays?) are one of the most commonly requested colors in any of my sessions. Maybe it’s the trend to be using a lot of grey and cooler tones to decorate – can I thank HGTV’s Chip & Joanna for this?? Whatever it is, I am loving it! Tucson-newborn-photographer-studio-newborn-belly-and-baby-plan-2 Both of these parents are nurses and met while at work. Nicole says that she actively pursued Jason, going so far as to swap shifts & rotations to be near him, and he was basically clueless for a long time. Obviously, he got the hint eventually! They are so in love with each other, a great fun loving couple who totally are in sync. Throughout their newborn session, it warmed my heart to see that they were so supportive and understanding with one another on this new parenting journey – showing that they are in this together, as a team.Tucson-newborn-photographer-studio-newborn-belly-and-baby-plan-6Tucson-newborn-photographer-studio-newborn-belly-and-baby-plan-3Tucson-newborn-photographer-studio-newborn-belly-and-baby-plan-5 One of my favorites!! How perfect are those little fingers peeking out from under his Daddy’s hand? Tucson-newborn-photographer-studio-newborn-belly-and-baby-plan-10Tucson-newborn-photographer-studio-newborn-belly-and-baby-plan-4Tucson-newborn-photographer-studio-newborn-belly-and-baby-plan-1Tucson-newborn-photographer-studio-newborn-belly-and-baby-plan I always love to capture awake images when baby is calm and happy, not always possible, but always a treat! Tucson-newborn-photographer-studio-newborn-belly-and-baby-plan-11Tucson-newborn-photographer-studio-newborn-belly-and-baby-plan-8Tucson-newborn-photographer-studio-newborn-belly-and-baby-plan-7Tucson-newborn-photographer-studio-newborn-belly-and-baby-plan-9  

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