Tucson Baby Photographer ~ Victoria, Baby Plan, Six Month Session

The Colon/Hernandez Family have always been a part of my Dynamite Baby Plan, now called my Growing Up Baby Plan. First it was with their son, Javier, who just finished up his plan this fall with his 2 year portraits & family session. Now, Victoria is the latest member of the Growing UP baby plan. I have just recently completed her first birthday session as well.

Growing Up Comparisons

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a direct comparison image with any single prop throughout all three sessions in her first year. However, you know how I love comparison images, so I do have several sets of two to show you!

Six Month Portrait Session – Victoria

Here she is in the same pose from both her newborn & six month session, with her Daddy, Arnaldo. Look how much she has grown! To see more her newborn session, click this link.

Tucson-baby-photographer-baby-plan-girl-six-months-7And then a quick comparison between brother & sister. They are definitely siblings!Tucson-baby-photographer-baby-plan-girl-six-months-5

Here are the rest of her six month milestone portraits. She is turning into a real beauty, just like her Mom!


First Birthday Portrait Session – Victoria

Here is a quick comparison from her newborn session & first birthday session with the same evergreen branch props on a cream colored background.

Victoria was so smiley for most of her fist birthday session, until it came time for the cake smash. She did not enjoy getting her fingers slimy, and as soon as that happened, it was all over. We only got a few cute images of her sitting by the cake and touching it, before the waterworks started. We think that she didn’t like how the frosting stuck to her hands and fingers and wouldn’t come off. It freaked her out a little bit.

Someday, most likely when she is a bit older, as a toddler or preschooler, she will think it is great fun to get dirty…ha!



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