Miles & Stella, Boy/Girl Twin Newborn Session – Tucson Studio Photographer

There is just something so cool about newborn twins. They turn heads & prompt comments, from well-meaning observers, where ever they go. As exasperating as this can be for their parents (and we all know it is!) the rest of us just can’t seem to help ourselves!

As common as multiples have become, with the rise in later in life pregnancies & ovulation inducing fertility treatments, they are still a very rare & wonderful sight. I am no exception, as I always get ridiculously excited when a twin Momma contacts me for portraits – especially newborn twins!

I had the joy of photographing Mr. Miles & Miss Stella in mid-January. Being born, full term (go twin Momma!), just days before Christmas delayed their newborn session until after the holiday season (and a nasty cold ran through our house). So they were just about a month old when I was finally able to get them into the studio.

And these sweeties, they did great in their newborn twin session! Miles started off nice & sleepy, where Stella was restless and rooting, then after working with them for awhile, they swapped rolls. Miles started to get more restless, just as Stella really fell into a deep sleep.

Here are some interesting facts about how twins are formed. Disclaimer: If you are reading about newborn & maternity type topics, then you are most likely a parent, or soon-to-be-parent, so hopefully you aren’t exceptionally squeamish about the topic of conception.

The most common kinds of twins, and pretty much the only ones you’ll ever hear about, are identical & fraternal twins (there are a few other very rare types of twins).

Identical twins are formed when a fertilized egg splits into two babies with exactly the same genetic information, because only one sperm & one egg were ever involved. This happens at the very earliest stages when the babies are no more than a small cluster of cells.

Fraternal twins are formed when ovulation produces two eggs, and both are fertilized by one sperm each. These two fertilized eggs go on to produce two genetically unique children. Other than the bond of being womb-mates, they are no more genetically alike than any other siblings produced by the same parents.



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