the Portrait Experience

how it works


When you book your session, all clients will have a planning session in-person, or via email or phone. Together we will choose a location that suits your family’s needs. For studio sessions, if time is permitting, I will invite you out so you can get a feel for the space, we will discuss your favorite props and accessories, and I will walk you through what to expect during your session.  For on-location sessions, I look for an area that will suit your family's style. I personally love areas that invite your young children to play, enabling me to capture authentic emotive images that will remind you for years to come, just what they were like when they were young. For either session style, we will discuss wardrobe choices and color palette. When planning for your session, consider where you will be displaying your wall art, because this may influence what you choose to wear. 

Step 1: The Pre-Consultation


This is the moment where all of your hard work and preparation comes together! Once you arrive at your session with everyone dressed, prepped & looking their best, it is your turn to sit back, relax, and enjoy your family.

I'm a mom too, so I know all the thoughts that accompany a family photo session. After all my years of experience working with children, I can assure you that with even the wildest of toddlers, and most restless of newborns, I will still produce photos that you adore! I focus the portrait experience around being a fantastic experience and as low stress as possible! Let go of all the pressure and expectations, and let me do the work!

Step 2: Studio or On Location Sessions


About two to three weeks after your session, we will schedule your Viewing & Ordering Appointment. Your final image gallery will be cast onto a large screen tv as a movie set to music. You will have an opportunity to hold and view examples of many of the photographic artwork options offered.  Specializing in wall artwork and heirloom albums, some of these products are personalized, handmade, or one-of-a-kind.

This is a relaxed time together, allowing for questions and a customized experience. You will finalize your artwork order at this appointment, so be sure that both parents are present for this appointment.

Step 3: Viewing & Ordering Appointment 


Your order will be placed shortly following the Viewing & Ordering Appointment, and depending on what you ordered, the artwork will arrive in 2 - 6 weeks. Any digital images that you select will be delivered the same day payment has been finalized.

I inspect each artwork order upon arrival and make sure that every item is in flawless condition. I will call or email you to let you know your artwork has arrived, and arrange for pickup. And once that artwork featuring your very own family is displayed in your home, you get to enjoy them every single day. Each step of this experience is an extension of my belief that photographs preserve relationships, moments in time, and that childhood is meant to be celebrated. 

Step 4: Artwork Delivery

the portrait experience

frequently asked


When I first started my business, I did do it that way! When clients began coming back to me year after year, I'd be curious and ask them what they did with their earlier images. Did they print them and hang them up? Did they create a little album of their session to help preserve those memories?

Too often, the answer would be that they hadn't done anything with them yet. People were still trying to figure out what they wanted to do, didn't know where they should print, or just plain hadn't had the time yet. It broke my heart a little bit when I heard that because I know how much they loved their images, but they just aren't getting the chance to enjoy them every day.

So now, as a full-service photographer, I encourage my clients to purchase their artwork through me, so that they don't have to worry about it later on. Providing this service ensures that they will be getting some of the most beautiful photographic artwork products available in the world!

Yes! Depending on your session, a Viewing & Ordering appointment is included. Most clients genuinely enjoy this aspect of their session with me. And because this is what I do, all day, every day, even if you aren't sure what you want when you arrive, I will help you figure it out! Together we will identify what you'd like to do with your images and how you'd like to create a wall display or album that will meet those needs!